Youth BMX Blueprint

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About a year and a half ago I released a program for BMX kids called Building The Ultimate Young BMXer. There was some good stuff in the program. It was a  good start on developing better young athletes. But, honestly, after I released it I realized that it just wasn't quite complete.

Since then I've been thinking and collecting ideas on how to make something much better. A program that I could feel good about that was actually helping young athletes get stronger, faster, move better, and ride faster... at the same time being safe for the athlete. That's no easy task. Kid's need to be trained differently than adults if you want them to develop fully. This program has been needed for some time, and never more than today! There are many programs for adults but there is really nothing to guide parents and coaches to really help develop young athletes.

After seeing good results with my online training clients using this programs, I knew it was good enough to put out the Young BMX Blueprint for your children.

The only problem is... it's has been a ton of work! I really wanted to go over the top on this program. I decided to write a book all about training for kids. Don't worry, it's a quick read. It serves as a manual for this program as well as a way to communicate the reason why I suggested the exercises and structure of the program that I did. After reading the book, you should have a much better idea on how to help your child develop into a complete athlete.

The program also comes with an online exercise video library of over 200 videos! It was ridiculous but, I wanted to include enough exercises that we could write multiple programs in each stage of development, for kids ages 7 - 16. I included progressions of foundational exercises for BMX racers. As well as a big variety of exercises to teach kid's various movements and keep the workouts interesting!

The Youth BMX Blueprint isn't just a book and videos, it comes with 16 training programs for 3 stages of development (5 workouts for Stage 1 & 2 and 6 workouts for Stage 3 to be exact). Each program includes a coaching video for every exercise. Recommended sets, reps, and coaching tips. Athletes in the 2nd and 3rd stages (11+) will be safely challenged to complete the program with more weight to help maximize strength, coordination, and power! 

I can honestly say that this is the training program that almost every young BMXer should go through. I believe you will see great results in even just a month or two of training. If you are not happy with the program, simply contact me within 30 days for a full refund. 


  • Youth BMX Blueprint eBook
  • 16 total training programs 
  • Over 200 coaching videos of fundamental and unique exercises
  • Huge Exercise library with many extra videos for each age level
  • Printable workout sheets 
  • The Youth BMX Blueprint program requires minimal gym equipment
  • Designed for kids from 7 - 16 years old


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Youth BMX Blueprint

1 rating
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