Expert 3 Month Peaking Plan

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Getting ready for the big race? This plan will take you through 3 phases that are designed to build strength, mobility, endurance, power and most importantly speed on your bike. This is a full program that contains coaching videos for each exercise in the gym and a separate sprint program for all 3 months. 

The first month of training is designed to make sure you have the endurance to make it around the track and through the training. The second month is more specialized, where we start to add in some cool techniques that are proven to improve power outputs. And the third month continues developing power through explosive movements in the gym and on the bike. We will taper off in the last couple weeks to ensure you are physically and mentally rested for the big race.

Along with the program, you will be allowed access to my private Facebook page for my athletes where you can ask any questions, modify plans and post videos of your workouts for 3 months. You will be getting one on one virtual coaching at a fraction of the price. 

This program is recommended and designed for BMX athletes that are approximately 15-35 years old with at least a base level of gym experience and in good health. If you're ready to work hard and go to the big race with the most strength, power and most importantly... confidence. Then let's get started right now. 


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Expert 3 Month Peaking Plan

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